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RJ and Katie,

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your heat shields work awesome! I have an '08 Road Glide that has always run very hot. I have done numerouse changes to the bike to try to get it to run cooler, everything from free flowing exhaust, to power commander, to oil cooler, plus a few more odds and ends. With everything I've done the bike still runs about 230 degrees. Not too bad, but on very hot days the engine is still burning both my wife's legs and mine too. In fact, I've been teasing my wife to cut down on the Harley apparel she buys because I'm going to trade the bike in for a Goldwing:) She is not very happy with me, loves the Harley. I went with your product because it looks the best, not just some cheap piece of plastic like all your competition. We just returned from a week long bike trip where the temperature hit 95 plus degrees. Thanks to your product, we were both able to wear shorts on the bike for the first time ever! Still a little warm, but very bearable, for both of us. The shields work great in re-routing the air around the engine. It seems to work better the faster we went. I checked my oil temp numerous times and I never saw it about 220 degrees! Your shields look great on the bike, hard to even notice them. In fact, my two brothers that were on the trip with us didn't even notice them until I pointed it out. They just blend right in with the seat. Looks like because of your product I'll have to hang on my Glide for quite awhile yet:) Thanks again!

Jim and Denise

Attended a rally in Erie, Pennsylvania on Saturday - 90+ degrees. On Sunday I did an internet search for heat shields. Kuryakin units cover the rear jug but do not dissipate the oil tank heat and that is half the battle. I saw the link to RJS products, then did a search for consumer reviews. They looked very positive and the product photios looked promising. It appears the lines and design will match well with my Heriitage. Installation looks pretty idiot proof. I also liked the Made in USA factor. It is always gratifying to watch someone recognize a niche market need, develop a working product solution and market it at a reasonable price. Hence the order. Before that I had never heard of your product line. I wish you a long and happy commercial run.
David Hock

Back in 07, after my thighs were rendered medium well on the Las Vegas
strip, I did a yahoo search on motorcycle heat deflectors. Shortly after my
return to Ohio, I became the satisfied owner of a set of RJs.

Unfortunately for me, I lost the right side deflector somewhere between home
and work. I noticed it missing when I returned home. Having logged over
30,000 miles with a set of your deflectors in place, I did not hesitate to
order a new set.

Chuck Valentine
Waverly, Ohio

Recieved the heat deflectors and installed them on my wife's 2011 Heritage. Easy installation and they look like they came with the bike. They really help keep the heat from my wife's thighs especially here in Imperial Valley, Southern California where the temps reach over 115 deg during the summer.
I found out about these deflectors by googling on the internet. I also found your website at H-D blog website.

Thanks, Tony Salgado

Hi Kate, I did on-line research for Heat Deflectors. This included looking at other competitor sites, reading forums, design and materials as well as cost. I came to the conclusion that a superior product will outlast those of lesser quality in materials in the long run. I looked at plastic products and agree with others that plastic, over time, will succumb to heating and cooling breakdown as well as the ultraviolet degradation effect much sooner that the materials used by RJS.

I am looking forward to actually getting the product in my hands in order to compare against my friends plastic heat shields.

Thanks Kate
Andrew M.

I was searching online for a replacement to my present heat shields
(Kurakyn's that cracked and one broke off) on a Harley discussion site that
had your website posted. Checked out your website for reviews, looked at the
pictures, read how fabricated and decided to purchase. The package showed up
on Monday and I installed them on Tuesday. They look great on the bike and I
am sure they will perform as advertised. Thanks, Dave Miller


I believe I first heard of your product in a Harley Davidson forum discussing heat from the calatytic converters on the newer bikes. I looked into other brands including the Harley Davidson models but heard many more positive comments about your product and chose to give them a try.

Thank you,


Living in London where the average speed is pretty much zero most of the time I had massive heat problems with my 09 Heritage, my right leg was pretty much cooked and it was stopping me from riding my beautiful bike, I was seriously thinking I was gonna have to sell it!
I have recently fitted some heat shields which have completely changed my riding experience, I dont know where the heat is going but it sure isnt burning me anymore, they are probably the most amazing addition I have fitted to my bike so far and they look great and are very well made, in fact they are hand America! They got to me here in the uk in about a week, fitted in minutes......but have changed my ride forever!!
2009 Heritage Softail

Hi Kate and RJ,

I just wanted to follow up on my recent purchase.

Installed the heat deflectors on June 4th; following your directions and "I didn't read anything into them" and installation was straightforward.

The result has been unbelievable. It was pretty hot and humid in Northern NJ that weekend and the following week. Your heat deflectors did the job perfectly and the added plus is that they look great.

Thanks for an American-made product that is of great quality and value, and made by a real American.

I'll be sharing your website with my riding friends.

Thanks again,


You asked me to let you know how I found out about your product. I read about it while reading through some of the message threads on the "Road King Riders" forum on Delphi forums a few months ago. Based on what I read on the forum, it sounds like it works better than the HD version and in the pictures on your website it looks a lot better than the HD one too. And since my bike is black and I just added chrome studs to my seat, sissy bar pad and saddlebags, this will just add to that chrome studded on black look. Then, after reading the customer reviews on your website, I just had to try it.
Thanks for asking,
Paul Hochstrate

I'm a previous customer and I LOVE your product! It was a while back but I think I found you via word of mouth (HD internet forum).

Great product. I've recommended it to friends and they love it too.


The guy that sold me the bike told me about it. I've got a short inseam and it was frying me at lights. He told me about being in a line in Summer going into Canada and having to paddle forward in the line with the motor off to avoid 2nd degree burns. Harleys are a heck of a lot better than they were in the past but I can't believe people put up with this. Harley's mid frame monstrosity looks like cheap addon crap compared to your product. It didn't hurt that you were vet owned.


Michael B
Simi Valley, CA

I added the HD mid frame heat deflectors to my 2007 FLHTC. Overall,
they stink. I the right side seems to work, but the left side is
completely ineffective. I just ordered the heat deflectors sold by RJS
I have been told that this deflector set is fantastic. They are made
of aluminum and supposedly work real well. Here is the url:

RJ's Original Heat Deflectors are all that I thought they would be. Installation was not hard, and they look great. 

This is money well spent.

Scott  from MO
2008 Electra Glide

The heat shields worked as advertised...
Not only for the rider but my passenger and did a lot less B!%&#!&% during the ride.!
Thanks allot RJ. You saved my marriage.!

Will  from Florida
2007 Ultra

Hi RJ and others interested,

I just received and installed the RJS heat deflectors for my '07 Ultra and here is my evaluation...

You all know how hot the 96 engines are running, even the 88’s throw off heat but not as bad. I eliminated the factory cross over exhaust pipe when I replaced my entire exhaust with the BUB Rinehart 2:1 exhaust system. I also added a Screamin’ Eagle Race Tuner to enrichen the air/fuel ratio which also aids in reducing the engine temperature. Even though this significantly reduced the heat under the seat and around the back side of the rear cylinder, a lot of heat would still radiate upward on hot days when the engine temperature got around 220 plus degrees. You’ll know what I am talking about… the heat that burns your inner thighs.

I wanted something that would provide some relief in the summer, especially in stop and go traffic, and especially on my up-coming trips to Sturgis and Milwaukee in August.

I called and discussed the RJS heat deflectors with RJ himself and he took the time to make sure all my questions were answered. I ordered the heat deflectors on June 3rd, received them in Houston all the way from North Carolina on June 5th, and installed them the afternoon of June 5th. They got a pretty good test this past weekend. These deflectors stopped the rising heat. They did much more than I ever thought they would and I think they made my bike look better since they match the seat material. The material that RJ uses to make the shields is aluminum and then he covers the aluminum with a “leather like” material with bound edges that matches the seat and I have to say the shields are very nice looking and they appear to be built to last.

This weekend my bike did not get super hot but the oil temperature did get a little over 220 degrees riding in stop and go traffic. As you know the heat is not bad until you stop, then your inner thighs quickly get hot while standing still and of course the engine temperature just keeps rising while stopped and your inner thighs just keep getting hotter. With the RJS heat deflectors installed, I am not sure where all the hot air is going that typically accumulates and rises behind the rear cylinder but it is no longer a problem. I actually touched the shields and they were just warm to the touch. I’m thinking just maybe the design of the heat shields is such that it actually causes a vortex that dissipates the heat that normally accumulates and rises behind the rear cylinder… but like magic it seemed as if it was no longer there and the hot spot I normally would have was gone.

My wife's lower right leg and foot would get extremely hot when we were riding two up. I’m sure some of the heat is coming from the exhaust and muffler on the right side but there is more heat coming around the right side of a Harley since the engine has a right offset in the frame so hence more heat on the right side than the left due to this offset. With the RJS heat deflectors installed the heat on her right leg was eliminated and some of the heat on her foot was eliminated but some was still there. The right side shield is designed different than the left shield for this very purpose. Even though the RJS heat deflectors are designed predominantly for the rider's thigh relief the passenger will also benefit. Totally eliminating the heat build up inside the passenger's boot is probably next to impossible since there is no practical place to reposition the passenger's foot to totally eliminate the heat from the engine and exhaust.

I’m not recommending that you go out and buy this product but if you are wanting to get rid of much of the heat build up behind the rear cylinder and eliminate your hot inner thighs I certainly can recommend the RJS heat deflectors.

I am in no way affiliated with RJS Originals in any capacity other than a satisfied customer wanting to help others on this forum make a decision in saving their inner thighs.

And thank you RJ for a great product and great customer service.

Ron (now with cool inner thighs)

I bought a pair from you for my 2001 Harley Ultra Classic. Installation was a breeze and they look GREAT. Does exactly what you advertise and here in Florida you sure need to keep the heat away.  Thanks for a great quality product.  
 From Florida
 George Leckie

I added the HD mid frame heat deflectors to my 2007 FLHTC. Overall, they stink. I the right side seems to work, but the left side is
completely ineffective. I just ordered the heat deflectors sold by RJS Originals. I have been told that this deflector set is fantastic. They are made of aluminum and supposedly work real well. 

I like many others who purchased a 2007 Ultra Classic, soon realize there was a standard item that came with the bike that buyers were surprised to find. It was a toaster. In fact, if you got bogged down in a traffic jam, had to crawl through an intersection, or just surrounded by slow cages on a hot day, you soon had a odd feeling your gahoonas were toasting. That’s because they were!

Remedy. After reading many reviews and checking out RJs website, I decided to order a set of heat deflectors from I mean how could I lose; they advertised that there would be no more heat torture sessions to endure, they guaranteed excellent customer service, they stated the deflectors would enhance the appearance of the bike, and they guaranteed fast delivery. Most of all, they were made in America. This was too much to be true, so I placed an order. Five minutes after sending the order in my cell phone started ringing. I answered it and it was RJ, explaining he got my order but it would take a couple of extra days cause he was moving his shop. I thanked him for the call and he said he’d get them out first thing. He did. The heat deflectors arrived shortly thereafter; I put them on Wednesday, and rode the bike to work last night (80 miles round trip). On the return leg, I got caught in one of those infamous Interstate 95 shutdowns --- the bugs on the asphalt were crawling faster than me. This duck shuffle went on 
for fifteen minutes before I could finally get my feet back up on the floorboards. However, I noticed the missing aroma smell of burning Hanes underwear --- these damn heat deflectors are really working! Everything I read about them and what RJ advertises is not only true, it is the gospel. One thing I would add, is that they are simple to install, no more than ten minutes even for a mutant like 
me. If you are suffering: I mean dreading every time you have to slow down or stop cause your gahoonas are going to take a trip down Roasted Marshmallows Lane, do yourself a favor you will never regret. Log onto and enjoy riding your bike!

Semper Fi,

Michael L. Milligan
Triangle, VA

I have RJ's units on my '07 UC and we went on a cancer charity ride today down here in Georgia. Well over 200 bikes and temps hovering around 102! Was slow going except for the pass down the quarter at Atlanta Dragway. I never even thought about the heat! Ya can't beat 'em and they look great. I sent pics to RJ after install and he even called me at home after hours to let me know I had the right side positioned wrong, can't beat that kind of service. Oh and the wife no longer has heat issues at the ankle either.
I noticed several big twin riders doing the scalded thigh scurry on the ride today and pointed out to each of them my shields. 8 out of 10 asked several times for the web address, especially after I let them sit on my scoot to actually feel the difference. RJ you can probably expect a few orders at least! None of them had been impressed in the plastic version they had seen or tried especially after they found how well mine worked even with the adjustable riders backrest and even a tank bra as well. I don't mind telling my experience with a great product. I was doubtful when I first ordered them. And for nearly twice as much cost as the HD or Kury ones, I was really not wanting to spend that money. LOL  But the HD and Kury ones don't look like they belong on the motorcycle to me. I don't want to ride a $24K motorcycle with plastic sticking out from under the seat. My friends that have seen your deflectors on my bike. All of them have said they wish they knew about them before they bought the HD ones.
Thanks for a great product.

David Harkey 

I have about 1500 Miles using your Deflectors Temps from 80 deg. to 96 deg.
I notice a big difference sitting in traffic.
My wife loves them also.
I have people notice them and I gave them your Web address.
I am very happy with them.
Thank you !
Glenn Bruns

 Metro West HOG

I thought I would send this to you folks to give you a idea as to how people who purchase your product feel about it.
This is in my HOG forum where we discuss everything from products to rides to grandchildren.

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   Post subject:   "NO MORE FRIED THIGHS!!!" 
 V-Twin Heat Deflector

I'm not one to jump on the endorsement bandwagon usually, but I wanted to tell everyone about a product John Bergantino tipped me to which has made a surprisingly HUGE impact!

I can't do this without a story, so here it goes... Wink

John (with Linda as backrest, of course! Wink ) and I rode the Iron Butt Saddle-Sore 1000 back in June (one of our new Chapter Members, Nick also rode in that, albeit separately - congrats, Nick!)... June 11th was a VERY hot day and most of the way out I was really feeling the heat! My thighs felt like they were going to blister at one point. John and Linda gave me one of those cabbie-type seat covers (thankx, guys! Very Happy ) which helped with the heat coming from the seat itself, but not the heat venting off the engine...

About 2 weeks ago, John and I were talking again and I casually mentioned that I'd love to get lower fairing vents like he has - they're sold now on the Küryakyn website, but John was trying to convince me to just take the lowers off. We then discussed what it might be like to have deflectors to pull in the air like they have on BMWs and some of the Rice Burners - John mentioned that he sticks his hand out to the side sometimes (I do, too), and how much air we could be pulling in to help cool off the engine...

Well, I guess John did a google search and found these heat deflectors:

Well, they're not what we were expecting to find, but!!!!!

I received them in about 3 days and they took a total of about 10 minutes to install...

I have to digress here because I happen to have an extremely rare and natural mechanical talent... Rolling Eyes I can turn any 5 minute project into 2 or 3 hours without any effort at all! Embarassed

Really, though, once I looked at the pictures on their web and figured out that most of the deflector goes OVER the side cover and not UNDER it, these things literally snap in place with almost no effort at all!

So I rode around with them, and I was absolutely AMAZED!

I thought maybe I was imagining the difference, so I took them off, and sure enough, within about 10 minutes I could feel the head through my jeans!

So, John and I were talking about them again at the Charity Run, and I mentioned how surprised I was. I then popped them off my Ultra and onto his in about 30 seconds, and suggested that he try them for a couple of days to see for himself... The deal was that if he liked them, he could hold on to them for his ride out to Sturgis to see how they handle on the open road and in some real heat.

Well, on Wednesday, at the Chapter meeting, John told me that he was already AMAZED at the difference they made!! So much so that he ordered a new pair to be shipped to me! Cool

Well, they arrived yesterday and since I now know how to pop them on and off, I installed the new pair in about 45 seconds,
 ( including mounting the Velcro they come with! )

I'm a believer. If you want to see them for yourself, take a look at my bike at the next ride! They come in the plain version like I have, also studded if you have that kind of trim.

A little pricey, but IMHO, well worth the money! I'm surprised Harley hasn't scoffed this idea for themselves! 
Thx -- Doc

I purchased a set of the heat shields from RJS as well.
Installation was very well documented and easy to follow.
They look like a natural extension of the black saddle.

Although the temp's haven't been really warm yet I can already feel the difference when sitting in traffic, etc.

Well worth the money in my book.

  Hi Folks

  I just wanted to add my 2 cent$. These heat shields are a godsend, I went to Daytona for bike week a couple of weeks ago and must tell you I was completely comfortable as the add says "No More Fried Thighs"
  I also was intrigued by Doc's praise of this product and purchased them this past winter, and could not wait to put them to the test.
  The test was a terrific cruise from Daytona down to West Palm Beach, Upon arrival was greeted with 85 Degrees and heavy traffic.
  This product as previously mentioned is a bit pricey but it really works as I had no need to even consider the heat build up between my legs as it was a
complete non issue to my shear riding pleasure.

Nick Maniates

    Nick Maniates


I own a 2004 HD ultra classic, and I bought the heat deflectors after a recommendation from a friend. I bought them because I had true dual Sampson pipes installed on my bike and I literally burnt a hole in my pants from the heat they produced. Did not like the way the Sampson's preformed so I switched to Reinhart's, meanwhile the configuration of the pipes was slightly different that the configuration and installation of the Sampson's. Called RJ and he worked with me to redesign the left deflector to compensate for the pipe design out of the engine. You can call it a custom design or a modification, whatever you call it - it worked. (The originals did as well, but now the fit is even better, and the heat deflection is wonderful. ) I'm the "chapter member" Terry mentions in his note below, and since receiving my deflectors I've convinced quite a few of the locals both here and at a sister Harley chapter down the road to buy them. RJ even asked me to go and help a fellow biker with his installation, which I did, and now we have another person who can attest to one simple fact about this product - - "it works" . Live in the Houston or Dallas area and need convincing ? Contact RJ he will tell me and I'll come over and show you how to install them or how well they work. You might feel the price is a little steep, but what do you want to do, burn holes in your pants? fry your legs in traffic...? or worse, leave the bike home on those hot days because you know your not going to enjoy the ride because of the heat?... You bought your bike to ride, so now add a little protection to it that will help you enjoy your rides !!


Gary L. - The Woodlands, TX

I have an '05 Ultra and I am vertically challenged with a 28" inseam. On hot days here in Houston, if I get caught in traffic, my right side bakes quite nicely, right through my jeans. I have arrived home more than once to find my thigh a nice red in color. Once I got caught in a traffic jam on the interstate and that burn was still visible the next day! 

I got my heat deflectors from RJ a couple of months ago after seeing them on a couple of my fellow HOG chapter members' scoots. I can absolutely tell the difference. Mine have the black studs and the finish is top notch. Because of the quality of the finish and the fact that they work for me, I wouldn't hesitate to buy them again.

One other thing. I appreciate the personal service I received, including a call before my order was shipped to discuss the product and some pointers...on a Sunday afternoon even.

I luv em!!!

Jim W.
Houston, TX   View Installation

I had a problem installing my new Heat Deflectors. I sent an email to RJS Originals and within 5 minutes they called me! WOW what service. Once doing it right they went on in less than 5 min! I am glad you called so quickly after my email…. To me that shows what you are made of.  If you are like that, then no bullshit,  the product has to work like you say it does!  I went on a very short neighborhood ride and still could tell the difference in heat.  I put my bare hand on my thigh then on the engine side of the deflector…. What a difference! 

Bill F.
2005 HD Road King Standard
Las Vegas, NV

Installation Pictures   


Thanks for the quick shipping. The Heat Deflectors installed without any problems. They enhanced the appearance of the bike and reduced the heat to my inner right thigh.

Ultra Classic 2006 


 To start, let me say that the service I received was top notch...I ordered the Heat Deflectors on Friday and they were delivered on NH fer Pete's sake!! Thanks RJ.

 Now for the Heat Deflectors...SWEET!!! They do what you said they would. 
It's been in the low 90s here in NH for the past 3 days and I went out on my 03 HD Road King Classic all 3 days to test this product out. Very nice (and I wore shorts 'cause I do). 
 I put 100+ miles per day in all different conditions and this product really does work.

Jim S.  NH
03 RKC with 50,076 miles (all mine, I bought the bike new

Well, I've been looking for a way to reduce the exhaust heat on the back side of my legs for awhile now.  It seems especially bad on the right side and is downright painful in stop and go traffic on a hot day.  I recently bought a set of heat deflectors from a company called RJS Originals  The deflectors fit between the bike and seat and, while they are not leather, have a leather-like appearance.

I installed them last week and the EOM ride was my first trip of any distance in the heat since then.  It is significant that I didn't even think about the heat from the engine the entire trip.  Normally, on a hot day, I am constantly tormented by it.  As I pulled into my driveway after over 200 miles I remembered that the deflectors were installed...not one hint of heat on my legs all day.

They look pretty good too.  

Just thought I would pass on the info in case anyone else was experiencing the same heat issues.  

David M.

Installed mine Saturday. Went for a good run yesterday with temps around 90. Even after exiting the freeway (where I was poundin her pretty good) and coming to a stop light there was very little heat. I believe these baby's work as expected.

I removed my Kuryakyn lexan saddle guards to put these on. The saddle guards do nothing compared to these units.

Jeffrey Jensen

I've had a set of heat deflectors on my 02 Road King for a couple of years now. Not only do they work, they look great. They remove and install in seconds. Next to a good saddle, these things can't be beat for function and style.

Russ K.
2002 Road King

Best investment I've made on the bike to date. I'm a long distance rider, and the deflectors have been great! I leave them on year round.

Fred S.
Raleigh, North Carolina
2003 Electra Glide Classic


I did almost 7000 miles since I left. What a great country we live in. Thank you for the quick help to make my trip more comfortable.

1994 Ultra Classic New York

I've had the product on my 2003 Electra Glide Classic for two years now. I'm in New England, Boston area and have taken my bike to DC and south to Key West. I really notice the difference even in 95+ deg. heat in stop and go traffic. And people even like the look.

George C.
2003 Electra Glide Classic 

Nice product. Keeps your thighs from getting hot.

Richard A.
New Jersey

I put a set of Heat Deflectors on my 2003 Lehman Trike and I really
noticed the difference in heat, in stop and go traffic. I live in New
Hampshire and traveling to Sturgis this year, they were a big help in keeping
the thighs cooler.

Peter C.
2003 Lehman Trike

I am very pleased with the results from the installation of the heat deflectors on my 2000 95ci peace officer special FLHTCUI 

Harold P.

I must let you know that the Heat Deflectors are the ticket. I am riding a 2004 Electra Glide Classic Screaming Eagle and I believe that the motor and pipes get even hotter than the '99 Electra Glide I had. The deflectors are functional yet stylish and that means a great deal to me. I am actually looking forward to warm weather riding again so I can gain the full benefit of the product. Keep on Keeping on!!!!

John D. "Psych"
2004 Electra Glide Screamin Eagle
Raleigh, NC

Riding around in the Southern areas where temperatures can reach the 100's, I have noticed a complete difference in riding comfort with my Heat Deflectors on my 2003 FLHTCI. They are definitely worthwhile on any trip, short or long and summer or winter. I recommend them to everyone I meet, so that, they too can enjoy this additional riding comfort.

Bill, TN

I installed a set of the Heat Deflectors on my 2001 Road King after meeting you at Rolling Thunder 2004. Installation was easy and they really worked great in Sturgis traffic this summer. Looks sharp too!
Thanks for a great product.

Paul S. NY
2001 Road King

I own a pair of these V-Twin Heat Deflectors and they are just the ticket for riding without the thigh-burns. I ride a lot with just shorts on in the summer and the Deflectors make a pleasant ride out of an otherwise hot crotch! Get 'em - you will not be sorry! And the guys that make them are the salt of the earth.

Skip NC.
2000 Road King Classic

Hello ever one, my name is Mike and I'm a Law Enforcement Officer in Raleigh/Wake County, NC. I also ride a 2004 Harley Davidson Screamin Eagle Electra Glide Motorcycle. "Let me tell you folks", the "Heat Deflectors" is a must have product for anyone who ride's a cruiser motorcycle. I am grateful to the folks at RJS Originals for the one's on my bike. This is a great product and it works. My inner thighs are so much more comfortable now when I go on a ride. Thanks a lot and Ride Safe my friends.

Mike, Raleigh/Wake County, NC
Law Enforcement
2004 Electra Glide Screamin Eagle  

 A member of our local chapter, ordered a set about six months ago and my wife was so impressed with the concept that I ordered a set for her ultra about 3 months ago, to try before buying a set for myself. Yesterday she had to ride my ultra to get it serviced for a upcoming vacation to Kentucky at the end of this month and she told me last night about getting caught in traffic, after using hers for the last few months she did not realize just how good they really worked. She insisted I order a set for my bike or she would never ride it again in hot weather. You always have to listen to the boss.

Terry, TX

I recently attended the Maryland/Delaware State HOG rally of which the temperature and humidity were both in the 90's for the 4 day event. This was the first trip I've taken with your Heat Deflectors, and I can honestly say it was one of the best investments I've made. Although the 4 days were hot and humid, I was not feeling the heat from the rear exhaust pipe, particularly the right side, as I have on prior trips. Great product!! The studded deflectors also compliment well with my Mustang seat.

Ralph K.
2005 Ultra Classic

I have the NMFT saddle shields on my 07 Ultra. Wife has logged many miles on the passenger seat. She has never complained about heat on her feet or legs. And we rode to the SCRC National rally last year and it was 104 degs when we left.

She rode on the bike of a friends Electra Glide that had either the HD or Kuryakyn heat shields. She said she could feel hot air blowing onto her feet thru her boots.

Yes those are the Kuryakyn mid frame shields. The HD's are just like those other they are a different color. Those are the ones that really funnel the hot air and blow it right on the passengers feet. <G> They are made of polycarbonate plastic also.

Those are 1/2 the price of the No More Fried Thigh heat shields. But the NMFT shields look like they came on the bike from the factory. <G> Not an after thought cobbled out of plastic. The 09's will come standard with the HD mid frame deflectors. If I get an 09, I will take them off and install the NMFT ones.


I found out about rjsoriginals over the internet. I purchased a 2007 Ultra Classic and found the heat from it to be extremely hot. One of my friends told me that there was such a thing as heat shields. I asked the Harley dealer about heat shields and he told me that their shields might do some good, but not much. I typed it into the internet, and after reading various comments from a number of the sites that came up, I decided that most folks thought your heat shields were the best, so I decided to purchase them.

Richard C - Houston, TX

I'm a member of both HD-Forums and V-Twin Forums where many, many members speak highly about RJ's service, and product. I don't really have all that many "heat issues" but I try and support Americans and vet's especially whenever possible.

Best regards

 I just finished installing the RJS Original Heat shields on my 2009 EG Classic. I did the white pearl studs to match the bike. I have to tell you. RJ is the nicest most helpful person you will talk to. Fantastic when you are installing something new to have someone on the other end of the phone that seems truly concerned with helping you when needed. Highly recommended.

My new Heat Shields

I was able to install them quickly and easily which is rare because I have very little mechanical ability. The reduction of heat is astounding when compared to the other ones I had. I get complement on their style. Most people think I added them just for cosmetic reason and were surprised when I explained what they were and how well they worked. I have passed you website and cards to my fellow local HOG chapter. IR17;m sure they will be ordering them soon. Thanks again for a great product!

Darryl Weiler

Well I just got back from a ride to RJ's place. I found out he was only about a 40 mile ride, so I headed out there.

If anyone is debating which heat deflector to use, I have to say give RJ a look. RJ had me pull my bike into his garage, installed the deflectors while I helped (more like I got in the way really).

I really wasn't sure I liked the look of them in the pictures, but in person, these things are really nice looking and boy do they work. It's a hot day and I had to make lots of stops, but never did my thighs get hot like before. There was a tremendous amount of heat coming off that engine, but almost none getting to my inner thighs like before.

On top of that, RJ is one cool guy. Took a lot of time with me, even spent 10 minutes hunting around his shop to find a bolt for my seat which had disappeared at some point. I'm on a tight budget, but I'm glad I spent a few extra bucks and got these over the harley or kuryakyn deflectors.

Give em a try if you are tired of burning your thighs.

I found out about your product when I stumbled across your site quite some time ago. I had considered ordering a set but they seemed pricey to me. However, after suffering through southern Texas summers and a pretty good welt on the inside of my right thigh, I decided to research them again and remembered your product. It looks like they should work quite well, I think they will look good on my bike and people appear to be saying great things about them so I decided to splurge and order a set. Now I can't wait to get them and try them out! I also have several friends who are waiting to see them and hear how well they work.

Bobby Weber

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